2019 Awards

2019 ANZSSA Awards 

The Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association (ANZSSA) provides a number of awards and grants to their members each year. 

This year, the ANZSSA had the privilege of running two scholarship programs. These programs were the Fisher & Paykel Healthcare Travel Scholarship 2019 and the ANZSSA Travel Grant 2019.

The judging panel for these two programs were tasked with the very difficult decision of choosing only a limited number of grant and scholarship recipients for each award, which have been listed below.

We continue to encourage our members to apply or these grants and scholarships, even if you have been unsuccessful in prior years.

You can see this years winners for these respective awards below.

ASTA Presidents Award

Teanau Roebuck

"This year, I would like to acknowledge the sustained efforts of one of our members who has been serving ASTA for several decades. She has a fabulous corporate memory and has always had ASTA’s interests as a prime directive. Always ready to pull up her sleeves and get stuff done, she has pulled up said sleeves on many occasions. She has been president on two occasions, nearly 20 years apart, which just goes to show the longevity of her commitment to ASTA. This, of course, is Teanau Roebuck."

- Kerri Melehan on Teanau Roebuck.

ASTA Travel Grant Recipients 

Amal Osman
Abstract Title: An assessment of a simple clinical technique to estimate pharyngeal collapsibility in people with OSA.Scott Coussens 

Kirsten Ellis
Abstract Title: The response of obstructive sleep apnoea symptoms in children to continuous positive airway pressure. 

Luke Thomson
Abstract Title: The effect of hypopnoea scoring criteria on the estimation of arousal threshold. 

Warren Ruehland 
Abstract Title: The impact of excluding arousals scored in wake epochs of polysomnography on the arousal index.

Scott Coussens
Abstract Title: ASTA Plenary - What is sleep EEG


Fisher & Paykel Travel Scholarship Recipients

James Miller
WellSleep Institute at the University of Otago 

Merrhis Majurey
Bay of Plenty Sleep Services Department