Association Committees & Representatives

Association Sub-Committees

In addition to the Board and Office Bearers, the Association also has a number of sub-committees that assist with the day to day running of the Association. The sub-committees are integral to the association achieving its vision.

These sub-committees work on defined areas of sleep technology to enable improvements in the diagnosis and treatment of sleep disorders in Australasia. ANZSSA encourages members to participate in these sub-committees and have a voice in their profession.

Professional Registration Subcommittee (ACCP)


Andrew Perkins

Kelli Rixon

CEC-BRPT Subcommittee


Nicole Verginis

For CEC-BRPT related enquires please contact chair members at

Conference Organising Committee


Scott Coussens

Teanau Roebuck

Association Representatives

Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association is represented by its members in several other societies. The role of these representatives is to report on activities of that specific Association to ANZSSA, and to also report on ANZSSA's activities to those associated Organisations and Associations. Reports from the representatives of these Associations are generally given and presented to the Membership of the Australia and New Zealand Sleep Science Association at each Annual General Meeting.

Australasian Sleep Association (ASA)

Teanau Roebuck

Clinical Physiology Registration Board New Zealand (CPRB)

Colleen Lockwood

If you are a member interested in joining one of the above listed sub-committees, would like to obtain further information regarding these positions, or have any general enquiries regarding these sub-committees, please contact the Secretariat at

Portfolio Representatives

In 2020, the Inaugural Board of the Association established and formed Portfolios that are integral to ensuring that the overall strategic goals of the Association are being met. These Portfolios are represented by Members of the Board, and we will soon be establishing small Working Groups and Committee's for each of these. 

Business & Finance 

Philip Teuwen


Anne-Marie Adams 


Teanau Roebuck

Education & Training 

Nicole Verginis 

Policy & Governance 

Ross McLachlan

Professional Credentials & Standards 

Warren Ruehland 

Regional Representative Liaison, Membership Liaison and Mentoring

Alison Teare 

Research & Grants 

Scott Coussens 

If you are interested in participating in any of the above Portfolios, please register your interest with the Secretariat via email at